Our track record

World first - benchmark data on social impact investing

Financial performance of key subset of UK market revealed for first time

iFRAME - for the European Commission's Joint Research Centre

A meta-framework to assess social impact across multiple areas of social services

Groupe d'experts de la Commission sur l'entrepreneuriat social (GECES)

Expert group on social entrepreneursip appointed by the European Commission

Implied Impact Coefficient ( Ï )TM

Describes in financial terms the implied social return of investments

EngagedX Investment STandards (EXIST)

Data taxonomy with the objective of constructing market indices

EngagedX index pilot

To create a financial index for social impact investing

Global Impact Economy Forum 2012

Conference at US State Dept convened by the Secretary of State

Report - Making Good in Social Impact Investing

Opportunities in an Emerging Asset Class, by Dr Rupert Evenett and Karl H Richter

Task Force for a European Social Investment Facility

Communique to European Commission - how to harness support of private investment funds