Our story

Our mission is to enable more mainstream capital to be deployed in a way that intentionally seeks positive outcomes for all and actively measures its impact on society”

Our current work is focused on:

  • shaping industry reporting standards for improving comparability and interoperability of performance data
  • supporting the development of technology platforms and business systems that enable more efficient deployment of capital
  • exploring how new investment products and financial instruments can better match the respective requirements of capital supply and demand in the social impact investing market

Visit our portfolio page to see our track record and how it has enabled EngagedX to become the industry leader in shaping best practice and producing performance data for social impact investing.

EngagedX was established in 2012 by Karl H Richter and Dr Rupert Evenett following their collaboration in writing the report Making Good in Social Impact Investment. EngagedX’s founding purpose was to implement the key recommendations the report made for maturing the market. The evidence compiled demonstrated that social impact investment has the potential to evolve from an emerging and fringe market into a large, mature and vibrant capital market that can attract mainstream investors… and in time, could become the new mainstream. This guiding vision underpins our purpose.

A principle that binds our clients is a desire for transparency to emerge as a distinctive hallmark of social impact investing. Our clients include government agencies, capital markets practitioners, providers of responsible finance and businesses interested in improving their positive impact on society. We are typically appointed by clients help them improve their business processes, data systems and market intelligence – ultimately, to be more effective in revealing how their investments and business activity is redressing some of the many intractable challenges that face the world today.

We adopt a lean and agile approach to structuring tailor made project teams that ensure our clients receive cost effective solutions of the highest quality. Our network of diverse collaboration partners are experts in their fields and enable us to assemble the appropriate skills, expertise and industry knowledge.

EngagedX is a privately held company registered in London and undertakes work globally. We are a social enterprise and reinvest at least 50% of our profits in social impact investing, frontline social ventures or other initiatives that support our mission. We remain grateful for the early stage support received from the Royal Bank of Scotland Group, the UK Government's Cabinet Office, the UnLtd Foundation, Big Society Capital and the City Bridge Trust (the City of London Corporation's charity).